Draft Local Plan - Supplementary Consultation

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Draft Local Plan - Supplementary Consultation

Question 44 Are there any other comments

Representation ID: 7057

Received: 06/03/2019

Respondent: Cannock Chase District Council

Representation Summary:

Consultation does not seek to revise contribution towards the wider HMA shortfall. Support previously expressed for the 2,000 homes contribution alongside objections about lack of clear justification for maximum figure.

Reference made to potential to revise the 2000 figure at Submission stage. A major concern is that this fundamental issue will only be revisited in later formal stages of process. Concern that this will mean that there is limited scope to fully and genuinely reconsider figure and test SGS findings. Other authorities actively considering options for addressing shortfall.

Concerns about implications for Cannock Chase SAC remain relevant.

Full text:

See attached letter

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