Draft Local Plan Review

Ended on the 17 February 2017
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A. Abbreviations

AMR    Annual Monitoring Report

ANITA    Airport and NEC Integrated Transport Access

BBP    Birmingham Business Park

BVP    Blythe Valley Park

CA    Combined Authority (as in West Midlands Combined Authority)

CFMP    Catchment Flood Management Plan

CfSH    Code for Sustainable Homes

CIL    Community Infrastructure Levy

CIRIA    Construction Industry Research Information Association

CLG    Department for Communities and Local Government

CROW    Countryside and Rights of Way

CSWDC    Coventry & Solihull Waste Disposal Company

CTC    City Technology College

DECC    Department of Energy and Climate Change

DPD    Development Plan Document

DtC    Duty to Cooperate

EA    Environment Agency

EIP    Examination in Public

ERDF    European Regional Development Fund

ESCO    Energy Services Company

FE    Form Entry (e.g. 1FE is one form of entry (for schools))

FOAN    Fully Objectively Assessed Needs

FRA    Flood Risk Assessment

FWMA    Flood Water Management Act

GB    Green Belt

GBA    Green Belt Assessment

GBSLEP    Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership

GHG    Greenhouse Gas

GI    Green Infrastructure

GTAA    Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment

GVA    Gross Value Added

HBA    Habitat Biodiversity Audit

HMA    Housing Market Area

HNDU    Heat Network Delivery Unit

HS2    High Speed 2 Rail link

ICT    Information and Communications Technology

IDP    Infrastructure Delivery Plan

JLR    Jaguar Land Rover

JSNA    Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

LAA    Local Aggregate Assessment

LBAP    Local Biodiversity Action Plan

LCA    Landscape Character Assessment

LDF    Local Development Framework

LEP    Local Enterprise Partnership

LFMP    Local Flood Management Plan

LFRMS    Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

LGS    Local Green Space

LLFA    Lead Local Flood Authority

LNR    Local Nature Reserve

LPA    Local Planning Authority

LPR    Local Plan Review

LTP    Local Transport Plan

LWS    Local Wildlife Site

MBC    Metropolitan District Council

MSA    Motorway Service Area

NEC    National Exhibition Centre

NERC    Natural Environment and Rural Communities

NIA    Nature Improvement Area

NPPF    National Planning Policy Framework

NSSF    North Solihull Strategic Framework

OAN    Objectively Assessed Needs

ONS    Office for National Statistics

PCT    Primary Care Trust

PFRA    Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

PPG    Planning Practice Guidance

PPS    Planning Policy Statement

RBMP    River Basin Management Plan

RIS    Regional Investment Site

RLCERAF    Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Resource Assessment and Feasibility

ROW    Rights of Way

RSS    Regional Spatial Strategy

SELAA    Strategic Economic Land Availability Assessment

SFRA    Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

SHELAA    Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

SHLAA    Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

SHMA    Strategic Housing Market Assessment

SHNS    Strategic Housing Needs Study

SLP    Solihull Local Plan (Dec 2013)

SMBC    Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

SME    Small and Medium Enterprises

SoS    Secretary of State

SPD    Supplementary Planning Document

SPfG    Spatial Plan for Growth

SSSI    Site of Special Scientific Interest

STW    Severn Trent Water

SUDS    Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

UDP[Solihull]    Unitary Development Plan (Feb 2006)

UKBAPUK    Biodiversity Action Plan

UKCUK    Central

UKCIPUK    Climate Impacts Programme

WAST    Woodland Access Statement

WFD    Water Framework Directive

WMAWP    West Midlands Aggregates Working Party

WMAS    West Midlands Ambulance Service

WMCA    West Midlands Combined Authority

WMP    West midlands police

WMS    Waste Management Strategy

WRZ    Water Resource Zone

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